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Keeping our streets Safe

After those incidents took place on our neighborhood’s streets in 2020 many citizens had expressed concerns for public safety for their friends and neighbors. We must have a government that works for the people and dedicated to our safety

Enforcing existing laws

Minnesota has great laws, we just need to enforce the laws we already have in the books and we can keep our streets safe. Our government had dropped the ball and failed to protect the people they have promised to protect. We need strong people in our government who will protect the people and keep law and order in place so we would feel safe to let our kids play on the streets again. 

Disarm the People, that’s the best and most effective way to enslave them – James Madison

illegal guns are the Problems

Yes, we need to take the illegal guns off our streets. Often it’s the illegal guns were used to commit crimes; the law abiding gun owners were almost never the issues when it comes to gun related crimes. As a matter of fact, legal gun owners can help to keep us safe and protect us from mass shooters.

One thing the leftists don’t understand is that criminals never want to follow the laws, and if we have strict gun laws, all they have to do is to buy illegal guns from the black markets. We often hear from the news that US border and customs protection seizing illegal gun parts coming from China or other countries. Criminals can easily assemble them into firearms. They are the real threats to our safety, but the Democrats keep targeting the law abiding citizens. Democrats keep forgetting one thing; criminals normally don’t like to follow the laws. 

Self Defense and 2A

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I think it cannot be stated more clearly, shall not be infringed meaning it shall never be infringed upon. We can stay free because we have the rights to self-defense, the minute we give up our rights to self-defense the State can force us to obey any rules they see fit in their interests.

Time and time again we have witnessed dictators disarmed their citizens in history and often massive genocides followed; Mao, Hitler, Stalin or Kim of North Korea all tell the same story. And I can promise you that history has a tendency to repeat itself. 

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