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He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither Liberty nor Security – Benjamin Franklin 

Reform our Education System

Minnesota is known for having great schools in the past, but recently that reputation has been diminished. We continue to put more money into our public school system, but our students’ performances don’t seem to represent the investment we put in. Therefore, it is not a money issue, it is a system issue. I know in countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan or Singapore less money is spent on public schools than here in the US and yet their students outperform American students by a long shot. Maybe it’s because they don’t spend so much effort indoctrinating their kids to hate their own country. 

Education not Indoctrination

Recently we have witnessed our school system has been focusing more on indoctrinating our kids with divisive leftist/Marxist ideologies than to educate them. In order to deliver equal outcomes among students, math is now considered racist. Imagine what will happen if we have a math contest with students from China or Japan. We should educate our children with real history, reading, math, critical thinking abilities and STEM; indoctrinating our children with anti-American ideologies will only further divide us and eventually will bring down our country. 

I believe in educating children based on their interests and special skills. "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid." -- Albert Einstein 

Parents rights trump the government

In order to raise a strong, independent and hardworking next generation of human beings, the parents are primarily responsible for raising their kids. Parents should have the right on deciding how to educate their children, not the government. Having lived in China, I know how government run schools can brainwash the next generation into believing extreme ideologies.

I trust the judgments of parents who want to raise their children in their own way, and I believe they will make better choices for their children's education than some government bureaucrats. I would say this to the parents: Your Kids, Your Choice! on Education.  

School Choices, School Vouchers and 

Homeschooling Programs

Each year our state government spends anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 per student in the public school system. We all know that the government is not the most efficient organization on spending money and delivering results. I would support School Choice and School Vouchers. For each student parents decide to take out of the Public School system I would want the state to send the parents a voucher of $15,000 per student or $65,000 per household, whichever one is lower. Then the parents can decide on how to best use that money in their children’s education. They can send them to private schools, use that money to fund their homeschool programs, or hire good teachers for their own community schools. Bottom line is I believe the parents care more about their children’s education than the government bureaucrats.

I propose that parents who decide to enroll in this program must file reports to be audited, that the money can only be used toward children’s education and nothing else, children’s test scores and performances can also be subjected to review.  

My vision is to restore the good old times where college students can completely afford their tuition from summer jobs and maybe a part time job during school years. Students should never worry about taking out loans to pay off tuition. I am sure that will upset many special interest groups, but I am willing to take the battle to them on behave the great people of Minnesota.  

Higher Education

I think everyone has noticed that the tuition at colleges and universities have been surging at a much faster rate than the rate of inflation, why is that?

Back in the 1990s a college student could afford all of their tuition with a summer job and a part time job during school years, but that is no longer the case. Have we asked ourselves why?

The fact that tuition is increasing at a much faster rate than inflation tells us that our higher education system is broken. The system is rigged to benefit the schools, book publishers and the special interest groups at the expense of the students’ future prosperity. 

I know that there’s a powerful education system (I call it the Education Industrial Complex) in the back that’s driving up the cost and exploit students’ wealth. Now they are moving into our families’ wealth with all the tuition investment plans where parents will need to put away savings for 18 years to support their children’s education. First they put the students in debt for a long time, and then they go after the families’ investments, one must ask: Is this some kind of financial scam that someone wants to control our wealth?

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