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Buy American & Hire American

Vote with your dollars as I always say. Each and every time when we have a choice we should always buy things that are labeled “Made in the USA”.

When we buy things made in the USA, we keep the jobs here; we keep the money circulating in our economy and can help to prevent money going to countries that are our potential adversaries. Many companies or labor camps make our stuff in China are state run organizations. Not only do they abuse human rights at their factories, treating their workers with horrible working conditions and paying them at wages lower than you can imagine. Some labors camps in China pay their workers at $0 per hour. And their government will not hesitate to use the money you give them to make weapons targeting Americans and the Free World. 

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch, Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. --- Benjamin Franklin

Minnesota Jobs created Here

When we encourage and incentivize companies to build their factories here in Minnesota, they will create many jobs across all fields and functions. We should have policies to encourage companies to hire American citizens first before they hire foreign workers. For any positions a company looks to hire, they should always hire well qualified American workers first before considering sponsoring visas to foreigners. We should only hire foreign workers if they have skillsets that are among the best in the world and we can’t find such talents here in Minnesota. We should not encourage American companies to hire foreign workers in areas where we have sufficient American talents in, for example accounting or business analysts. 

Make Minnesota Business Friendly

We must have policies and tax structures that can attract businesses to come to Minnesota, and make it easy for startups to flourish in our economy.

We need to get rid of all the unnecessary fees and licensing costs that are drowning small businesses. For most of small businesses and startups, they barely have enough cash flow to cover their operation costs. The last thing they need is to have the government come in and make their lives more difficult.

I want to make Minnesota the top choice for startups, where anyone with bright ideas and willingness to work hard can build a legacy here they can call their own. 

Inflation and Environment

We are experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years. We used to think inflation happens naturally, now we have learned that inflation is driven by bad government policies. Gas was $1.80 a gallon just two years ago and I am sure everyone feels the same pain as I do when we go to the pumps. Energy cost is one of the key factors for driving up the cost of everything that needs to be transported over 500 feet, which is everything we buy in our daily lives.

We need a cheap and an environmental way to transport energy, the answer I believe is Line 3. Yes, it’s a much cheaper and cleaner way to transport oil than using big gas guzzling semi-trucks. As long as we engineer and manufacture those oil pipes in the USA we can assure that they will have the highest quality anywhere in the world. American made pipes can effectively prevent leaks and/or any environment related concerns, as long as our politicians don’t import those cheap pipes from China.

Speaking of which, those environmentalists should really be mad at China for being the biggest polluter in the world and constantly spewing harmful chemicals into our atmosphere. Chinese made cheap products often lead to environmental/health disasters, and yet the American environmentalists are very quiet about them, you must wonder why.   

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