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I intend to phase out the Minnesota State Income Taxes and perhaps lowering the property taxes as well. Minnesota is among the highest taxed states in the US and it’s about time that we let our people to keep more of their hard earned money.

We can make our State Government more efficient and reduce its size, so we can spend our people’s tax money on things that matter the most and stop wasteful spending.

Do higher taxes really help our state? The answer is no!

1)Income taxes

When people pay more income taxes they have less to spend on what they need in their daily lives and/or spend less in the Minnesota economy. When the State government takes less from hard working Americans, we will likely to put that money into the circulation of our State’s economy and energizing our business sector.

2)Corporation taxes

Do you really think increasing corporate taxes will keep the money here? Do you really think big corporations will willingly hand government a big check? Well think again, in fact higher corporation taxes will only drive companies away. For example, Medtronic, a Global Medical Device company that started in Minneapolis, is now headquartered in Ireland for tax reasons. Yes a Minnesota Company had become an Irish company! Big companies can easily set up shell companies in Panama, Bermuda or Singapore to legally evade taxes.

The solution should be we attract these global companies to our shores, offering them incentives to keep jobs in Minnesota, leveraging their global earnings to energize the economy here at home.

In my vision, We The People must have checks and balances on the government for how they spend our tax money. We can keep track on every single dollar we spend from our own bank account right? It’s also our money in the Department of Revenue, why there isn’t a public accessed website to show us the details on how the state is spending our money? I want the State to report to us, We The People (Their Boss) on how every single tax dollar is spent! 

Man is not free unless government is limited – Ronald Reagan

Collecting more taxes than absolutely necessary is legalized robbery – Calvin Coolidge

Government is not a solution to our problems, Government is the problem – Ronald Reagan

"I love my country but I fear my government "

Small Government

Do you know that the State Government of Minnesota employs more people than any of our global corporations based in Minnesota? Yes the State Government employs more people than 3M, Best Buy, Target, Ecolab or General Mills, that tells you directly that our government is way too big!

Big overreaching government is never efficient and often corrupt. Government policies should never dictate over the lives of the free people. We don’t want the government to tell us how to live our lives, how to educate our children, how to manage our health or other decisions in life. The big government had created many obstacles for our small businesses with all kinds of licenses and fees. Just go to a local mom and pop restaurant, bakery or small business and ask them how the government is making their businesses more difficult.

The left’s big government policies had invaded into our livelihood, destroyed small businesses, benefited huge corporations, and is taking away our freedom. I have talked to many small business owners and they all felt the “one size fits all” tyrannical rules over their lives have to stop.

The best kind of government is a limited government so its people can be free. 

Term Limits

Elected Officials tend to become more corrupt when they become career politicians and stay in office for a long time, therefore I want to propose term limits for all elected officials serving in the state government, that includes all members of the State Senators, State House of representatives, State AG, Secretary of State and others.

Political positions are only supposed to be a temporary job, ordinary citizens come to these positions to serve the people and then go back to their old lives. It was never the intention to make a lifelong career as many of our politicians had made them to be.
If elected, I only intend to stay in office for a few terms and then go back to my private life, well, that’s if I survive year one. 

Election Integrity

Every Legal Vote must be counted for all future elections and we must have a way to identify illegal ballots.

We need Voter IDs in our state, for the simple reason that we need to know who get to vote in each election and people are who they say they are, otherwise there are too many loopholes that can challenge our election integrity.

Having fair and free elections is the key foundation to our democracy that every vote truly matters; therefore we must have a system where we can track every vote to a legal voter. We have foreign enemies trying hard to infiltrate our democracy, Russia and China in particular. We should never allow them to influence our elections, and Voter ID is a step in the right direction. 

Our Votes are sacred, let's defend it. 

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