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Equa​lity For All

I envision living in a country where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed in life doing what they love to do. We can make it easy to start a new company, remove some of the obstacles that are holding small businesses back. I hope Minnesota can become the best place for startups, anyone willing to work hard, risk it all can become the next Bill Gate or Elon Musk, unleashing the endless possibilities created by the American ingenuity. 

Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies

This is for the men out there, if you don't want to get your girl pregnant, take up some responsibilities and use proper protections. Proper use of protections and contraceptives can be very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. We just need to provide more education to our youths on taking responsibilities for their own actions. 

One solution we should consider is to make adoption processes easier in Minnesota. It makes no sense to me that adopting a baby from China is easier than adopting a baby here in Minnesota. There should be conversations between adoption parents with some pregnant teens. Maybe one unwanted pregnancy will turn out to be a great blessing for another family. 

Family Court Reform

"Why do I have to pay $10,000 for my child's custody evaluation?"  Shared by a young mom frustrated by the court process. I think anyone who had ever fought for their children's custody can name a few things that are broken in our family court system. 

I believe that most of the rules in our books were created with good intentions, but how they were implemented is another story. 

Often the court ruled cases based on evidences/testimonies presented to the judges in the court house. They are not often taken into considerations that family cases are often complicated and human factors play a big role in them. 

 Our modern consumer culture values more on materialist things, therefore more often than not the parent who can provide the most materialist things are likely to get favorable rulings. 

We should take into consideration that raising children is more about values, ethics and world views, things that money can not buy.