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An American

Dream Story


The American Dream story of my family started when my parents decided to immigrate to America in the late 1980s. Aspired by freedom that the United States represented, they believed that if they put in the hard work anything was possible in the Land of the Free. My dad’s career had experienced many ups and downs. He went from teaching at the University of Minnesota to a paperboy delivering Star Tribunes to make the ends meet. Later he became a journalist for a local newspaper, interviewed Governor Jesse Ventura at the State Capitol; and joined his international delegation trip to China as a news reporter. My mom is a pioneer in the Chinese medicine and acupuncture practices in the State of Minnesota. She organized a team of eastern medicine doctors to go to Washington DC convincing the legislators to have acupuncture treatments covered by insurance companies.

When I was still a little kid living in the Communist China, I wasn't certain when I would be able to join my parents in the US. But every time when I saw the stars and stripes waving in the sky, I knew in my heart that flag symbolized Freedom! But the Chinese CCP government refused to issue me a passport to leave the country as a way to make my parents return back to China. My parents reached out to the State Auditor Mark Dayton for help and he did all he could persuading the Chinese government to release me. Eventually, I received my passport after Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of States in the Nixon Administration wrote a letter to the Chinese government. When I was 12 years old I flew across the Pacific Ocean by myself leaving the communist state behind. Upon seeing the shiny cars dashing on the freeways while landing at LAX, I realized that I had arrived in the land of the Free, and thus my journey in the free world began. 

I was at the Nine-Dragon wall in Beijing

Middle School Graduation

Mark Dayton and his children at my welcome Party

Military Service 

Upon finishing high school at Mounds View I answered the call to serve my country in the US Army. This country had offered me so much, and allowed me to fully live out my potentials. It was my desire and greatest honor to defend her freedom, carrying on the ideal of our nation and to protect the American way of life.

During the seven years while I served in the US Army, I had come across many brave patriots who were willing to give their lives to protect this great nation. They were truly the greatest people alive. They always lead by example, putting others’ interests before their own, and they are willing to die before dishonoring their country. Serving with those great people made me realize that there is no greater honor one can receive than to serve his country in uniform.

It was my time in the military that taught me the concepts of discipline, selfless service, courage, integrity, and hard work. I am now answering another call to serve my country and my state of Minnesota by running for the State House. I will fight to defend our constitutional rights, our freedom and the American way of life. We are the land of the free because we are home of the brave! 

International Experiences

After I got out of the Army, I took a job opportunity and moved to Shanghai, China doing international business. I worked for two French companies with the intention to further advance my international business expertise and obtain the consumer behaviors over in the Far East. I brought my extensive knowledge back to the United States to assist American corporations in expanding their business interests into global markets.

Combining my international business savvy and my military style determination, I will get things done for you. Unlike the career politicians who are in this for the glamour and fame, I know I work for you, the Great Minnesotan People, hence I will not waver for a second on my determination to serve. 

Business trip in Taiwan with my French boss

My Commencement Speech

Study Abroad Experience

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