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NEW Minnesota House District 40B

Worked on Gov Mark Dayton's Trade Mission

Comm. Expert at Fortune 500 Companies

Lived in Minnesota for 20+ Years

Mounds View High School Grad

Proud US Army Veteran

True American Patriot

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Minnesota's NEW House District 40B consists most of Roseville and south side of Shoreview

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Citizens Standing Up

Never have I thought I’d be running for public office. Why have I decided to run now? You might ask. I do believe that sometimes the best candidates to run for office are often the ones who don’t want to run. We feel compelled to run because we can no longer stand by on the sidelines and watch the country that we love fall into socialism/communism.  I don't want to one day tell our children or our grandchildren how America was once a free country and I didn't fight my hardest to keep her free. 

That’s why I decided to run for state house in MN. I will fight to defend your constitutional rights, so freedom will prevail over this land.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth” – Abraham Lincoln 

My Walkaway Story (2020)

I didn't leave the Democrat Party, The Party left me

Make a Difference Today, Invest in the Future of our Great State!

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