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One Nation

Under God

Protect Our Constitutional Rights

  • Protect Freedom of Speech
  • Say no to censorships 
  • Let Freedom reign
  • Freedom is not Free

Pro-Choice for Education

  • School Choices for Students
  • Parents' rights Trump the Government's rule
  • Education not Indoctrination 
  • School Vouchers and Home School Programs
  • Government doesn't own our children 
  • Fund the Children, Not the system

Grow Economy & Create Jobs

  • Create jobs in Minnesota
  • Buy American, Hire American
  • Make Minnesota business friendly
  • Give small businesses and startups the rocket fuel 
  • Make Minnesota a top choice for startups 

Healthcare Freedom

  • Big Pharma's corruptions
  • Healthcare not Sick-Care
  • Big Pharma are keeping us drugged
  • Healthcare Freedom is our right
  • Our Bodies Don't belong to the Government 

Public Safety

  • Protect our neighborhoods
  • Law and order
  • Support our Police
  • Illegal guns are dangerous
  • Citizens should not live in fear of riots and burning
  • Self Defense and 2A


  • Help Veterans with employment
  • They served us, it's time for us to serve them
  • Provide support to Veterans with PTSD

Smaller Government 

  • Reduce Income Taxes, enrich Minnesotans
  • Higher taxes kill jobs and drive companies away
  • Big government is corrupt and kills businesses
  • Term limits for elected officials
  • Election Integrity and transparency 

Other Issues

  • Equal Opportunity for All
  • Term Limits 
  • Senior Issues
  • Transportation
  • Make Adoptions Easier
  • Family Court Reform

If you support my visions for Minnesota, please chip in today and help me to make these visions come true

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